This dragon takes so much time but I learn heaps with it! Currently I wonder if I did not created to difficult model to rig and animate.. but for totally basic animation I think I should be fine : )

I have created low poly teeth and forgot to unwrap 1st two different teeth in order to save some work with unwrapping but thankfully I find solution and use super useful method of Transferring UV map (Ctrl+L)


Once all was retopologized I could start unwrapping. First attempt of unwrap with already planed seams was rewarding.. although as most of us know it is not all that easy 🙂 (I will upload final UV layout once this dragon will be finished)
so rewarding.JPG

I have quickly tested how textures will work
Then I try this dragon out quickly in Quixel

I know, nothing impressive yet but it is only testing stage. : )

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