Wooo! I feel like it’s been ages when I post last post! I think time to get back to this routine, let world know what I’m up to in my art journey. Starting from few updates.
My main portfolio is now in Artstation (in case I  didn’t mention it before). I have also created new account on 500px where I share my small non-professional hobby – photography.

Currently I’m working on game project with Humble Sage Games
Where my profile should be updated but I do not mention it… just…. #HSG #Dean #Jake xD
Facebook:  Humble Sage Games

I join as well Facebook page called Character Design Challenge where I hopefully will entry one work per month. Did it my 1st one already #Centurs



So that’s all for now : ) I’m currently learning how to use quixel (so far it drives me nuts) and I will share with you results of my work / learning progress.