In the Episode 31 – Back to the 2015 (link) in Critical Distance between many other subject they talk about talk about Witcher 3 Wild Hunt by CD Project Red. Conversation starts from racial problem that was brought up by critics once game was released. Game that is set up in Slavs (Slavic) folklore do not have any different races (people of color) than Slavs. They go trough some arguments where one of Polish person said that introducing new races would be not right demographically where other person brought up that people were travailing around the Europe since before Rome. They talk about for and against this critics by analyzing small game where all action is set up in small village and some myth around it can be created where in Witcher 3 we have large continent what I think it is far call to maybe introduce some people of color. In Critical Distance they summarize what other people say or argue about, they state some of their opinions although they do not chose clearly sides. They brought problem where before in game industry people really didn’t care about such matter and how society and culture change where people start care about things that may be a issue.

Although in the Polygon article Colorblind: On The Witcher 3, Rust, and gaming’s race problem (link) it is going more in depth and write about the lack of the freedom of choice when you can decide how your character would look like or that are forced politics. Writer who describes himself as a person of color write that he is almost always forced  to play a white stereotype of character in game. However what is interesting he writes that problem appear when white gamer are forced to play people not of their race as he also mention  that tech world is a very white male dominated area. Whit this fact the most of critics that you can read about Witcher 3 are related to sexism , graphic and other aspects but not much at all about people of color. The writer outlines situations where in game you can find or meet people with names and surnames of people of color… but it ends only on name.

Summarizing Critical Distance tell us about issue briefly without stating clearly their position and tell us where we can find more information about particular issue. Where Polygon article focus deeply on problems and digs in what is right what not clearly stating their position.

Personally I love different cultures and people of color where I’m just white female people are for me fascinating. However I do not understand all this problems around the games as I really do not play to look for what is wrong but to enjoy and live the life of the character that I play.. does’t matter if I become white Witcher, Japanese warrior or African Solider.. Still I may defend Geralt character to be as white male as this is how author of book describes him..  Spakowski created him, named him and tell his story… Although unknowing real story of Lara Croft I would really do not mind if Lara would have beautiful dark skin : ) Instead of keep arguing and criticizing I would love if white game developers would listen stories and read books from people from various cultures and tell their sorties to create so unique and beautiful games as Never Alone, PaPo & Jo or upcoming Last Guardian.