I have seen this game in YouTube video that was promoting upcoming games in 2016 and now I decide to do a bit research about it and see what developer says about own game.

Why I doing it? I think I wasn’t know more about game concept, purpose and MDA (Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics) and most important if it will be relist! I love to watch this creature and boy behavior.. it is so beautify realistic and emotional..

First article that I find was from GameSpot website where they provide a bit of written information and bit more interesting facts that outline some of mechanics and dynamics in The Last Guardian! -> link

This article is all about why so little content was reviled to the world and it is because of story line that I believe developers want players to experience it on it own rather than tell now everyone experiences from developers perspective. What I find also from this article that this game debut was in 2009! It is incredible how long time it taking but I think it is wort to wait it! I also think that if this game will be relist I will buy my 1st ever PlayStation  (Yeah from kid I play games on PC) Anyway this article lead  me to name of Shuhei Yoshida president of Sony Computer Entertainment. I read another short article this time from Kotaku website -> link

Information on those both websites are really limited about this game what I think tease readers and make them to anticipate this game even more : ) I think it is good when developers keep most for them self during production in order to surprise and let people experience it as they are chosen to be first to experience unfold story line in the game.