Wow I never play such game and I have to say that I’m impressed! It is like reading interactive book. Play in order to find out more. Is really interesting way to share thoughts, experience and even feelings trough game. If you want check it by yourself play Dyas4ia that is about Transgender Experience (link)

  • What are some of the mechanics of Dys4ia?
    Play, interact and play mini games to find out, learn and experience more through what went Anna Anthropy.
  • What are the rules that produce these mechanics?
    The mechanics (rule) in Dys4ia are:
    Use keyboard arrows to preform actions such as:
    1. Move objects
    2. Bounce of objects
    3. Drag objects
    4. Remove objects
    5. Assemble objects
  • Which if any of these mechanics fall into the categories of common mechanics that we discussed today?
    1. Mini puzzle games
    2. Bouncing objects