Today  I read really interesting article written by Austin Walker “Editorial: Why We Write: On Game Critique, Influence, and Reach (link)

 I have to admit that I do not have read many critiques in my life before I start play any games as for me most important was to see all visuals aspects of the game rather than read pros and cons. The decision if I want to play game or if this game is for me or not I make after watching videos that show 1st few min of game-play. Now I can see that reading critiques can help me not that much in games that I chose but in creation of own games. I wasn’t so much aware that race pays so big role in game industry .. I knew that sensationalist is a bit thing thanks to my CIU classes. Anyway the race, gender and so on do not have so big influence on me how on some other players in game.

Few questions that I had to answer for:

  • What is Austin writing about?
    He writes about spectrum of criticism and explains some differences between them. Where criticism become influential, or if it is influential and how much it influences. Austin brought there few really good points about job of people that write game criticism, that they are not enemies or thread but they are there to point out some issues that may or not help improve the game as the final decision what developer will do with such feedback belongs only to him and not to the people that point out things. Criticism is to show the care about particular subjects and issues as well love to the game itself.
  • Was there anything you didn’t understand?
    This article was pretty clear for me
  • How could you use different kinds of writing about games as a game designer?
    In my opinion to be prepared what you can face once you publish game, or before creation of game think about most common issues pointed out in people criticism on games and decide if you are prepared to represent your game in the way as you wish t. It also will be beneficial for pitching to the the potential sponsor. Nothing gives more advantage than being prepared and aware what issues may be brought up.

I wanted also to mention that it was interesting to find out that people criticism a lot Wither 3: Wild Hunt game and that all goes about race, but isn’t is there represented Polish culture with Fantasy world written by Polish author ?  That’s mean that people will criticism that Greek Gods are the same race and you do not have option to play by Korean or African Zeus? Or in game where you are set in environment of Canadian Indianans culture it would be issue to do not see Japanese Indianans? Something is totally not right there..