Task to from GAM110 unit: Play DooM

Play through the first episode of the classic 1993 title Doom. You can play the game for free on the Internet Archive here. The Internet Archive has a large range of early PC titles if you want to explore video game history!

While playing the game, do not change the controls! Try to complete the first episode, “Knee-Deep In The Dead”. This is not just the first level!

After you have finished, answer the following in a blog post, or in a Google Doc in your student folder if you prefer:

  1. What did you find easy?
  • Shutting enemies…
  • Moving to next lvl
    2.What did you find hard?
  • Controls especial lack of doge and get use to that this shutting game do not have navigation control (I keep dodging in game what in results only rotates character)


  • after time I my eyes get relay tired from this pixelated graphic (probably I should play in small window…)
  • some items abilities were for me unclear and captivity system was questionable for me

    3.Was the game interesting to play? Why/why not?

  • Interesting was to play game so pixilated and despite this fact still understanding what should be done and recognizing what it may be a human and an monster… however still it is not type of the game that I would usually play.. Even when graphic would be super polished. I find this game boring.. Despite fact that it show time in which u finish round, amount of kills and number of secret rooms discovered what probably engage players to play same round again in order to have all on maximized.


  • another interesting thing was how little amount of sounds could give good direction where creatures may be.