I have enrolled for GAM 110. I pick this subject as elective as I believe it will help me with better understanding how game design look like. I’m bit overwhelmed now with my 1st task where I have to design a card game.
“Design a card game that is playable with only a standard deck of playing cards. Bring the
card game to the Workshop on Tuesday where you will play-test your game with other students.
Your game must follow these parameters:
● It must be playable with only a standard deck of playing cards
● You may remove cards from the deck
● You may not use any other components
● Your game must be designed for exactly two players
Consider writing down how to play your game to help you explain it in class”

OMG I even don’t know much cards games and I have create one? OMG, OMG … >freaking out a bit<

Because I’m such newbie in this subject and card games I ask google… and I find this tutorial (I assume it is a tutorial) http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Regular-Deck-Card-Game&#8230; anyway I decide make game based on on luck and make it pretty much visual.
Let me know what do you think : )cards game1.jpg

cards game2.jpg