What I have created:

  • Jar with biting heart! It was fun to work on, still it needs a bit fixing but I will not worry about them as in game it will be small object so what I see now hopefully wont be seen in game : )

  • Shine animation for to the coin that I created last term. (Now I see that I have to fix hopped left corner)


Self-reflection: I feel like I start finally improving with animation … and whats is more important I really start to enjoy it 😀

  • Keep working on Anubis itself and his 3 faces. It is slow process as I want  make him look really cool : )
    *His whole hand is already prepared for animation : ) hands and legs will be first ready for animation as I know that I will not change them in the design. More changes may apply with head, back, torso or the stomach/pelvis.
  •  Environment elements ready to apply in game and that are tiles and spikes.tile spike

  • Composition for “welcoming screen” in the fame .. it was pretty slow progress.. and so far it don’t look nice, but  I will share small screenshot of it with you : )

*picture is combined form about 6-7 pictures that I find on internet. It is only for composition purposes, once when I will be happy with composition I will paint all, as I did the rough paint of merchant and it’s loyal camel and statue of Egyptian dog.