Since I work only on 2D games I start really miss 3D modeling… and despite fact that I have tons of things to do for 2D games I decide to spend today a bit of time on 3D. I continue modeling model that I start a bit time ago with Digital tutors: link

I made today belt : ) and I feel now much better!


20/10/15 I miss it so much that I sleep only 2 hours last night : D but I’m pretty far with this model I think ^ ^ Below you can see some changes that I apply to the unselected part of model body, they are small but they help out with character silhouette + the knee on the left side is horrible – terrible -bad !


Spline tool to create horns : ) it was cool. I must to remember this technique!  ^ ^


Some pretty horns on the helmet and my fist weapon model, I can’t believe how super easy it was!


I start unvarping character and despite fact that I feel confident with unwarping on my own it I decide to follow tutorial in case I may learn some useful tricks and I did!


First most important thing is that in this tutorial is provided texture for unwrapping purposes, is much more pleasant for eye that  standard 3ds max checker pattern and I think it is easier to work with : )
check*1st picture show standard 3ds max checker pattern; 2nd picture show texture used to unwrapping by Joshua Kinney
I forgot to mention that this is modeling and texturing is split on 2 tutorials.  Modeling tutorial link, and texturing link.

Second thing that I learn was totally different way for unvarying that I think combined with my old methods will benefits a lot for me : )