My “creative” idea for dungeons that will be not used in game as Dungeon Crawlers team decide to change game perspective name and everything… I’m not sure if that are smart decision but well we will see how this project end up… I know one thing I should never say yes for the project style that I don’t like much and where additionally I don’t know how to approach it. 2D character moving and attacking in 4 directions it was nightmare for me + this whole perspective where I could not draw dungeon on angle .. why? because I was over-voted.. so I stuck in this twisted visual nightmare.. where instead on top down view perspective see characters heads you see their whole bodys… I truly admire now people who have done games in this way.. I can’t get it visually when I try to create it.. when I play I don’t mind…. what probably makes it even more weird… anyway.. game now will be called Age of Anubis and it will be platform game.. I think so.. I hope so.. well decision was made and then new suggestion appear to make it in hieroglyphic style.. I try to do not give up… but enough complaining.. below you can find some new stuff. amon*that was total mistake to start re-doing Amon character… I spend way to much time on creating new face that I didn’t liked at the end …

pasted_image_at_2015_10_12_09_05_pm_1024*here is picture that I receive from group with suggestion on hieroglyphic art.. well I animate one of character from this “hieroglyphic style” painting : P
*you don’t like it ? Well I don’t like it too.. but hey I had give it a go and create walk cycle for Anubis with broken feet.. he is Egyptian God so he can do everything, even walk without legs… God did I really write that…

anger_manga style
*after some rough times I finally create something from what I’m happy.. Amon with new body…

where piece of cloth that he wear is based on Egyptian warriors clothing… next thing that I create was silhouette of Anubis

silhouette_anubis   based of this little fellow that I have created before:


I have play as well with fonts for game logo and I come up with something simple as this:logo

*font Under World, the font that my group leader at first glance on it, said “I don’t like it”, programmer supported by saying “is ugly”.. and I decide to use it as it fits most from fonts that I choose..I think it is first time when I did something against other option.. I’m curious what they will say when I show them this unfinished logo ; )

Kind of confession done…. with few illustrations of work in progress.. hopefully next blog will be more positive!