11/10/2015: I start new tutorial from Digital Tutors from digital tutors1

In this tutorial Lauren start to create her original character based on cat. Her aim was to create evil cat. I didn’t want copy this idea as it would be to easy so I decide do evil bird. First I choose crow.
First I show you Lauren cats as I think they look awesome : )

Now time for my devilish crows : ) When I compare now Lauren sketches to mine ones I wish to be able draw so neat and clean as she does sketches, but that maybe will come with time and practice : )
Thanks to this tutorial I learn about new tool that have Photoshop. I never use it before and now I regret that I didn’t discover it faster. Tool is called Liquify (Shift+Ctrl+X) it works as a warp tool but you have much more control over it. For now on I will probably use this tool constantly. I make with it for one game  some simple animation of beating heart. Is still sough and dirty but considering fact how little time I spend on it is simply wow.. and it is just one tool.. I wonder how much more I will discover in Photoshop via tutorials.
Is not super realizing but it gives the idea and hopefully at first glace you saw a beating human heart  : )

03/11/2015 and here we go continuation with my concept art : ) Lauren start to change a bit her characters based on cats breeds .. I could pick up different birds but I decide to keep going with crows. I also decide to start my next character differently than was in tutorial and I start from silhouette instead of basic skeleton.

During this progress I realize how much I wish to be a concept artist and how much I want to work as concept artist. I wanted give up on it as in uni I discover that everyone wants the same, that it is highly competitive position and so on, but honestly which one is not? Every position for an artist is competitive.. but I didn’t realize it soon enough during my learning pathway and I neglect a bit concept art where and focus on 3D modeling and then 2D games.. Anyway, currently I’m also learning how to create concept environments what I didn’t expect that I will enjoy so much as I’m not the best with environments, but since I create a lot of different stuffs to game I decide to learn about them more to be able create better quality products : )

I will defiantly finish the black mage crow and the white female crow : ) I think I fall in love in their creepiness! They will make perfect couple :]