I never draw so fast as on this event… quality went totally on second place.. in last 12 h I was wishing for more time and at the same time couldn’t wait when this madness will end. It was challenging, fun and a bit extreme for me experience : )

Sam McLean

Good news everyone! My fellow Handsome Dragon Games crew and I have just taken part in the 48 Hour Game Making Challenge, held at QUT, Kelvin Grove. The game-jam was a 48 hour event, where we were given three key words to use as inspiration for a game. This year the words were Swallow, Thief and Collapse.

Jack Kuskoff – Game Design, Management
Corey Underdown – Programming
Callan Syratt – Programming, UI
Jared Ford – Programming
Angelica Zurawski – Lead Artist
Sam McLean – Composition, Sound Design

Handsome Dragon Crew Getting Started Handsome Dragon Crew Getting Started

In the 48 hours, the team didn’t get much sleep and when we did, we slept wherever we could, which more often than not was under the desk we were huddled around! It was a fantastic event and I would like to thank all of the organisers and volunteers who made it possible, this year there was a full house, which is…

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