Few days ago I watch cool tutorial how I can create own nibs for the wacom pen : )

Ofcourse I decide to have a try and I went to Masters Home Improvement shop where I bought, Bynorm Weed Trimmer Line Purple 1.65mmx15m andGator 400 Grit Premium Sandpaper Finishing 229x279mm 3 Pack.
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Sanding weed trimmer line is a bit time consuming progress, but it is worth it. I felt so proud when I make 4 nibs ^ ^ that work perfectly. However 1st time when I try them out it was total disaster how tablet was responding on pen.. nothing was working correctly but it was my fault as I didn’t straighten the nibs. I keep them slightly bend as they all look like when you cut a piece from this line roll. My solution was to keep sanded already nibs for short while above candle (u can use other heating devices) to soft them up and then roll on straight  surface to make them perfectly straight and “Voilà” they work perfectly : ) Below few pictures of my purple pen nibs ^ ^(so proud >giggle<)


Hope that it helps you as it helped me : )