Huang and Lu
黃 (Huáng) – yellow
綠 (Lǜ) – green

I truly wanted to do it long time  ago : ) Now when I have short study break, I though I will create 3D models of characters from Dyadic by Handsome Dragon Games. I start from rough sketches where is showed how much or little I want to modify my characters. As you can see on picture bellow I change a bit their body shape and mass, where both characters receive tail (I think they look cool with tail : p ) and I tweak their legs for more alien looking.
Next step was to model them in Zbrush : )

uno1 uno2

uno3 uno4


and fast color/design test in Mudbox (ignore red dot please ^ ^)


19/09/15 Alright, two models are ready to for retopologizing : ) I will do it this Sunday at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane ^ ^ so don’t forget to say “hi” when you come : )

Lu_3quater Huang_3quater


Also the Dyadic Demo will be available to play at the SAE Institute booth! (Stand: 7426)