It is laziness or time efficiency, that I decide use method of deconstruction in order to construct model which I want? I decide to look for some model with nice topology, best chibi character as it will suit most to character that I will create. I find my victim and it is cute forest fairy model that you can access here: link


Then deconstruction time come where I remove all unnecessary elements like wings, hair, clothes, ears, texture etc. Once I end up with totally “naked”, textured model I import my reference and start tweak the model to suit my Egyptian boy : ) Results are following:


It require really a lot of re-building, stretching, shrinking, moving, adding and deleting vertices but anyway I find this progress to be fun.


I’m still not happy with wireframe for this model… I guess I need give it a break and back to it later. Same as I did with rigging and weights for this character : ) (even though he is fully rigged but there are some things that do not work the way that I want them to work – maybe apologizing would help)


Will back to this model little bit later : ) but in meanwhile I will appreciate comments and feedback.