Time to learn how to create pixel art : )
First tutorial that I look at was how to create pixel art in Photoshop. Software that I use most.

Pretty cool and simple tutorial where is also mentioned how to save your pixel art in order to show it : )
However, I decide to search more before I start to paint and I find this cool tutorial:

Where this person from the beginning set ups canvas to small size, however I think using even standard A4 and zooming in as shown in video 1 is good method too : ).

Then I watch one artist speed painting of this awesome looking creature:

And finally I watch some Pixel Games:

Tips and tricks to remember :

  • Ctrl + ” = turn on/off grid
  • Use pencil instead of brush for perfect square shape
  • Pencil size 1px x1px
  • Eraser set up to pencil mode
  • Gridline set up for every 1pixel
  • To enlarge pixel art make sure that you have selected Resample Image to Nearest Neighbor (preserve hard edges)
    Ctrl + T and select Nearest Neighbor then resize : )

Last and most important thing for me to mention is that I had look at the game for reference called Jetpack Joyride, at 1st glance I really didn’t seen it as a pixel game but it is : )

Time to Pixel Art : D ! Fast and dirty from 6 colors pixel tree.
1st pixel art

Additionally I decide to try out Spriter Pro feature with pixel art : )
But seems that character that I tried to convert had maybe too many colors or something else that it convert it to pixel mode inappropriate way and “slice” my character on the head just above eyebrows, on hands, cloth and feet.

and when I zoom it in you even can’t see much of the pixels.. so I think this is not one of good solutions for pixel art.amon_pixel

Solution for that was to resize this character in Photoshop : ) Look better isn’t? amon_pixel2

Now the only thing that I think to try out is to sharpen some parts of body. : )


Original -> Spriter Pro Pixel Mode + Photoshop -> adding sharp elements

I’m not really happy with his look but well it was worth to experiment a bit.. Tomorrow I hoping to create more pixel art and then hopefully include some of it in my portfolio. I just need sit to it and really slow down as I want now do everything fast.