Last term I was learning how to create and animate puppets in ToonBoon (link). This term I decide to increase my my knowledge and improve skills in software that is used mostly for platform games and it is Spriter Pro..

      • Getting Started With Spriter

      • Preparing your images for Spriter

        *only thing that I didn’t do was rotating images as I had to many elements, that anyway later on I find out that were not necessary. Next time for sure I will follow this tip from tutorial to speed up my workflow.

      • Another proof why I should rotate every element! A bit a re work waits me for the latest game : x
      • Spriter features and workflow overview

      • Spriter Quicktip tutorial Inverse Kinematics (IK)

        *Tutorial that I didn’t try out yet in practice but I will definitely back to it I believe pretty soon : )

      • Dynamic re-parenting
      • I went trough tutorials like:

        *in order to find best way how to copy and paste objects and best way of coping and pasting limbs… all this tutorials are really important for people that starting to work with Spriter Pro as I mention already in previous post (link) that Spriter software work a lot on shortcut system

      • Tutorial that I watch after I learn it already how to do it via playing and experimenting in Spriter Pro : )

        *when I was creating skeleton for my characters without watching any tutorial it cost me a bit of time but at least on the way I learn bits of other pieces.. however still I think it was bad decision.. tutorials are time savers for learning new software! ^ ^  Video above contain a lot of elements, maybe if I will watch it faster I would not resign from so many elements in my character but well.. it happen. For next time I know what to do : ) (PS animator in this tutorial uses Spine software)

PS. if I find more tutorials that I was watching I will add them to the list : )