The work that I contributed towards the project as an Art Director was the feedback on the works that students created where often I was providing solutions, tips and advises how to improve aesthetic of the work and how to match with requirements and at the same time please even more potential viewers eye. I take big part of the few first meetings with client, brief creations and pitches. Later on I create 3 scenes for 3 songs that are used by VFX students for parallax animation. I have created two 3D models, where one will appear in the show. I create 2D puppet of main character based on student concept and I created elements that can be used in particle animation. I contribute at the beginning in creation of documentation, organization, researching and finding inspirations. I have created few Pinterest boards that contain large amount of inspirations. I keep making sure that everyone understand that it is not our show but Cave In The Sky. That our responsibility is to create mood for the event or something almost like environment where our production is on secondary plan. Last and most important of all that we can’t drag audience full attention to the created animation.

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Quote “[..] this it is not a chance to beat yourself up [..]”. No is not, but this is remainder to do not take so big responsibility next time, to be able admit that something what feels like too much would be as too much. I doubt about my leading skills at the beginning of the project and keep questioning myself.. few times I wanted resign and I didn’t.. and I think that I should as I believe that I would be more productive and helpful for the project as a member under art lead.

A bit good things before those bad:

21/08/15 (week 12) Cave In The Sky project from beginning was really challenging and still it is. However, with 11 talented people we slowly get to the stage, about which I couldn’t even dream 6 weeks ago. I think everyone has learn bunch of useful skills from this project as well find their strength, weaknesses, abilities and limits. Personally, I have improve my communication skills, I start understand bit more other artist workflow. I seen some happiness and a lot of sadness and disappointment… one day seeing giving up students, second day or even 1h later same students with new clever ideas, solutions and boost of energy to keep working and make this all happen. Tully awesome experience to see all this strength, ideas and problem solving skills.

12/06/15 (week 3)  As much exciting this project sound for me from beginning now it start be more and more unpleasant and discouraging to keep working on it. Perhaps it wasn’t smart to take lead role as I would like make everyone happy ..  and this is simply impossible.. People complain.. where one person is happy from proposed plan, then another hate it and so on.. I feel like when I give feedback to someone work or worse simply gently express disapproval to idea, that I will lose potential people that could be kin work on project…This  project is so large that it needs a lot of people to work on it to successfully accomplish it (if it can be accomplished at all).. I believe that all would be different if in this project money matter would be included.. for example if I will be as a “boss” who pays employs for their job all would be different… and easier I guess.. as employ I believe will do everything to make it work or will lose their job and leave open position for another talented artist..  maybe it is just my imagination, maybe in companies would not be different.. and I would never get so high position as I will always worry of loosing people …
Is hard for me to say straight to someone that I don’t like something as I don’t want make people upset or angry..

20/08/15 (week 12) Project slowly come to it’s end.. to the final stage. 12 people including myself, dedicate a lot of their time for this project. I think during this whole progress I have learn how to correctly critique people works without worrying that something may sounds bad. However, till now I’m not sure if my comments were useful for students or not.. I see sense in them but I don’t know what people from class think about it. I’m questioning it as I do not remember anyone to come to me and ask for feedback. Simply  most of  the time I was glancing at students works trough their arm and without “permission” comment their work and give feedback.

I think I will never anymore take such big responsibility of leading so many people.. I feel much more confident as a team member or leader of small group.. however.. I have now also doubts about it, of being leader even for small group. On this note I’m really happy that Dakota (project manger) and Maxx (storyboard leader) took most of responsibilities from me.. they did so great job! This project would never go so far if not those 2 talented people and support of 2 patient and optimistic teachers, Katie and Steve.

Concluding shortly….As an art director I think I fail -so no such position for me anymore!