Some things simply never get boring such as the light elements that can be carried by wind or fragile objects that are in movement are never boring to watch them again and again! Some of them even can help you to relax like watching the rain, fish in the tank, cloud on the sky or any natural landscape scenery. This is why for the project Cave In The Sky we decide to use.


doesn’t matter what shape or size bubble is,
doesn’t matter what age or specie you are..giphy03
bubbles were always fun to watch and to play with  : )giphy_01
Watching butterflies, can calm and fascinate,
of course  if you do not have Lepidopterophobia
and anything that “fly on the wings of the wind
or is fragile, watched by people can can take them
in to thoughtfulness and relaxing stage.
leaf  wind_02giphyhgiphy

things that motivate our imagination,
or let our brain asleep and don’t think about anything..
just watch and appreciate what you can see


This is why I decide create such elements for ‘particle’ animation, as that can be used multiple times in the video scene and do not get boring.




More animations will be uploaded soon : )

The particle effects system that I have created so far I believe will help to keep sense of consistency in the project. It is important to find elements that can combine all scenes together especially when on project work 13 artist that have different styles and artistic skills. Introduction of elements that can repeat in almost every scene, creates almost something like filter layer that can be applied on each scene in order to combine all together. Similar effect I hope can give repeatable element, which would never get boring when you watch it.

For the project were used workflow techniques and modularity. Where team leaders had to come up with agreement and set up rules like in what format and size work should be created, what is the best color palate for production. For this purpose the right documentation had to be made so we created documents as Art Bible, mood boards, we defined style, chose programs and tools that mainly will be used. We define render options, name conventions for files, transferring tools or even communication methods. Every single document later was combined it to one big documented called The Project Plan and here is what you can find in it: