Based on what I have learn so far from Peter Minister tutorial
and practice on modeling the dragon (link), I start improving look of Arun.

Using animal anatomy as a reference will help me out to make Arun hopefully more believable.

Arun progress:


For Arun anatomy I was mainly following horse and deer anatomy. At the end more horse than deer as I like how visible muscles are on horse body. However, my creature still have hoofs and long thin neck as deer. Although, Arun will be all covered with fur I really wanted to explore and learn a bit about muscles structure by sculpting them on the model, what gives idea to make Arun as an seasonal creature, where for winter he will have longer coat and in summer really short and thin.. so perhaps muscle structure can be then more visible. Anyway, what I done a lot during sculpting Arun was tweaking his body shape and size to make it as much as possible looking believable, for example because his legs are alike horse I had to make his deer hoofs bigger and wider to make sure that he would be able move correctly. I really want to show this animal as a proud creature and give it some character, personality. Probably not so extreme personality like for example had Smaug from Hobbit movie, but still what they done for this majestic dragon follow the same rules that I will have to apply on my creature. Arun will not have voice as Smaug so to show his character and personality will have to be shown by his posture, animation and overall look like coat color. It may sound strange with color but somehow I can’t imagine Arun to be majestic by having rainbow coat.



Below picture show how to cap holes… I was looking for this so long…. -.- as I remove some parts of tail and separate his jaws… that was so close that during separation I hat to cut of a bit of pieces.. like  his teeth.


Arun_polygroups  arun_head_2


References that I look at during modeling Arun:
As you can see he is a bit mixture of horse and deer, from beginning  I really wanted go for look of the deer but then I change entirely to horse body structure as I feel that deer body look to fragile to his bonny head.


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Still Arun needs a bit of work to be finished but I’m happy how he slowly is turning out. : )

Arun2_by endzi_z

Tutorials that help me out to learn how to use and how to create own sculptures in Zbrush: