Few animations that I create in Spriter pro : )
This time they do not have hundreds of frames as my “famous” smooth walk cycle of marshmallow created in Toon Boom : P link (yes I learn my lesson!)

Idle front and back, 2 frames for each

F_idle B_idle

Walk cycle front and back, 6 frames for each

F_walk_cycle B_walk_cycle

Each of them look different as I don’t figure out yet if there is something as ‘onion skin’. Or how to copy left to right.

Few things that I learn so far is good to decrease amount of objects.. what I mean.. before I had all elements on head separate like eye, pupil, feather, nose and so on. Now all is merged, I only keep them separate in Photoshop file to create later on new expression or even blink and in Spriter I will just switch Amon head.


Still I have to name each bone as I did on picture bellow.. I make later easier to find the right bones on timeline.