I choose as one of my specialization 3D modeling that will go trough pipeline of creating low poly characters/creatures, then high poly sculpting in order to create advanced textures for low poly models. Second think that I would like include in my specialization is puppet creation 2D characters more information about it you can find here: link. To create my 3D models I use software such as 3Ds Max, Mudbox and Zbrush. I have already done some low polly models in 3Ds Max so in this blog I will focus or high poly sculpting. I have to admit that after break from modeling and sculpting I had to refresh my memory and look for tutorials and tips.

1st step was to set up my tablet correctly  : link
Note: Hold Ctrl+Alt and click on for example “Make Poly Mesh3D” and assign to it hotkey for example”\”
Then you can set up it on tablet hotkey by defining keystroke : )


Ofc to set up all I use Wacom tablet properties. Zbrush Interface menu and new for me ‘Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility’ what allows me to backup my settings. Awesome! Bellow you can see my pen and tablet settings as well as some ways how to set up shortcuts. The 4th picture show method how to set up favorite sculpting tools to the hotkey.


With that set up time find my hotkey table : ) then time for warm up together with Peter Minister tutorial on Digital Tutors


1st I build this skeleton from ZSpheres and then make from it PolyMesh3D


Then for pretty long time I work on low subdivision lvl to get such results, as shown on picture bellow.


After that I had to create new polygroups to make my workflow much easier  : ) Tail, chest, legs and head have own color where wings are colorful.. previously whole model was colorful..


Thanks to polygroups I can work on one element for example head and hide rest of the body : )


Subdivision no 3 more and dragon slowly gets more and more detailed



I learn how to create wings : )

dr02 dr03

and how to damage them a bit ^ ^


Then how to create eyes


and dragon scale


to  implement it in to the body and use it like paint brush ^ ^ (on this stage I get few crashes as RAM refuses to cooperate..to much polygons in scales : x )



Anyway  I wont keep this scales as I want to do something different with this dragon : )

Next step was to place nails … I spend a bit of time on it to figure out the best way of rotating, moving and scaling them… still I’m slow and make a lot mistakes with this seems so simple action like placing on right spot with correct angle and size nails..

… ok nailed it : P ! even when I stop pay much attention now to details.. what I aiming for is to learn as much I can from this tutorial to implement later this knowledge in to Arun creation : )

[…..some time later…..] ok I must admit I can’t leave this dragon like that! some fix ups below : ) (but still long way to go to make it as it should be, however still better than before ^ ^)