I feel so proud of making a fire! I struggle before with it a bit till I get idea to use animated gif of fire and fast draw on top of it. It worked as I wanted and now you will be able to see in Dyadic game dragon statue with deadly fire!


I was so happy for this small achievement that I start experimenting in Photoshop.. to create animation showed bellow. So much fun when you see not bad results!


Anyway…Fire that I was making at the beginning didn’t look so nice.. that was so frustrating..


Although, I didn’t give up and after short break I get idea how to approach it. I find gif picture of animated  fire and together with it as a reference I paint 13 rough frames of flame in 30 min. Whole thing took me maybe 1h from what I’m pretty happy considering fact how long it took me last time to paint just coin for the game…

  flame_v1  flame_01

I think dragons are happy from the fire too!

Extras: Programers from Handsome Dragon Games had a bit of fun with fire and dragon statue too ^ ^

flame_trap_gif_360fire_360damnit_360 flame_trap_animated_360