Becoming an indie game developer


Did you ever think about becoming an indie game developer? I do and in this report I will share with you my plan how I want to achieve this and what would be my first footstep into the world of independent game development. Skills, learning abilities and methodology will show how successful I will be over the time.

“Innovation is about failing, learning and getting better, it takes time & persistence to build a strong foundation for a business.”

— Sarah Woodrow


Independent video games industries called as Indie games hit the market and opportunities for talented people appear to showcase their skills. Thanks to this methodology artist skills may get attention from potential employers from the industry that we are aiming for. Hard team work, advices from experienced people and support from people that wish you to be successful may make it all work, help you with achieving your goal or even better and go beyond it.

I’m a game artist with only acquired knowledge from school and passion. I chose the path of concept artist, 3D modeller, texture artist, 2D puppet maker and additionally as an animator. With this small range, but I believe strong skills I will be able achieve the goal for which I’m aiming to work in the video game industry.

In this report I will write about target markets, publishing methods, and how I am planning to achieve my life goals and become an indie game developer.


There is no better place than university to acquire a great amount of knowledge, improve, experiment and learn lessons on making mistakes without experiencing nasty consequences that we could face when we were employed during project development. This term I’m planning to learn, new to me software called Spriter Pro that it is affordable to buy and used by animators to create 2D animations for the video games. Learning new program will also prove that I am willing to keep learning unfamiliar to me software. Once I gain the necessary knowledge how to work effectively in this program I will be able add it to my list of programs that I’m familiar with. This list will appear on my curriculum vitae and online database such as LinkedIn, what I believe would increase my chances of getting a job. In terms five and six of my study at SAE College my plan is to create quality artistic asset to showcase it in my portfolio. Additionally, to be more successful, I’m aiming for finished product. What I mean by finished product it is playable game that will be published online and available for people to play. In order to achieve it, I will do everything what’s in my power to encourage my team, constructively keep pushing them to work hard in order to have ready product for sale on steam by the end of term six. If I will be successful, this game, hopefully would be my second game that I was working on and published online for sale. In this whole progress really important will be for me to keep writing blog about team and my progress and about abilities of fast learning, accepting challenges and working under the pressure. Honest blog would be as proof of being good team worker. I think that this is essential to share own experiences, skills improvement, to be reflective, open for critique and apply in to work good advices received from others. Writing about successes and failures as well as about problems and solutions. All that I believe will give me employment potential and good overview of my work aesthetics. Showing that I understand and accept the fact that what I create, I create for people and not for myself. Following what is popular and what people like or enjoy to play. This is probably few of many reasons why I agree to go for this project with the style and look into the game as in “Binding of Isaac” that probably was inspired by the game “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past” and “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds” which will be often referenced in in my blog post about asset creation. By creating asset and characters are so confusing to me and an angle with the top down perspective of the room will challenge my skills and problem solving methods. I will also implement into objects and game story some elements from Egyptian mythology to show skills of research and implementation. I believe that once I finish studying at SAE Brisbane and receive title of Bachelor of animation I will have a ready online portfolio, curriculum vitae, and playable games to show to potential employers. Information about my work progress, concept art, sprits and much more will be published on varieties of websites such as WordPress, Deviantart, Pinterest and Facebook page. If I create 3D asset it will appear on SketchFab. Additionally, I plan to open account on Artstation and CGsociety. On top of all I believe that research and following the ways of other video game artists who are successful in the industry will be helpful, so I will look for advices, tips and professional portfolios in order to create my own.


Indie games became really popular in the past years, proof of it can be observed on the Steam and Kickstarter page where the majority of the games is created as 2D games or 2.5D games that it is a mix of 2D and 3D. That is a proof that game developers are going back to the roots of game creations that are obviously cheaper, faster and more efficient for indie game developers. Also fast evolving technology helps artists to create games for mobile devices that are now in my opinion extremely popular. People who need some higher budget for creating their game don’t have closed door in front of their nose as there are pages as popular Kickstarter where your game can be funded once you share with people what you want to create and what do they receive from it. It is incredible how much funds people can get from others. Another webpage that is important to mention is Steam where all indie developers can publish their games by paying fees of about 100 USD. This page is one of the most popular pages that provide bundle sales of popular games, indie games and software. By publishing game on this page indie developer, I believe will get big chances to be discovered by other well prospering companies that are seeking for new skilled employees.


Great online portfolio with quality works, proof of efficient team work, published online playable indie game, reflective blog post where I will share my successes and failure will lead me to achieve one of my life goals of being a video game artist.


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