Creating rooms for Ma’ats Recruit game took me a bit of time.. playing with perspective, setting up right dimension and so on… You can see a bit of it in pictures bellow.

1st sketches in Photoshop:

Figuring out how rooms may be snapped in Unity:


Planing interface layout as well as future objects that may appear in game.


Once I decide how finally room space will look like I create in Photoshop layers for each element with hopefully correct measurements.. that took me enormous amount of time.. especially setting up correctly guide lines and understand more how layer mask work with all copy and paste thing..

ground_v0 ground_v1 ground_v2 ground_v3
and here we are close to final version of room 01 : )

For this project I use CG Textures from: link
The ones that I use are:
Ground: link
Walls: link
Statue: link