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Hey there! I’m posting here to give a step by step guide on how to get the render from your models for the Cave In The Sky project.

Screenshot (183)

To start with we’ll be applying the meshsmooth modifier to round out the models. Just click the modifier dropdown and start typing meshs and hit enter to apply it.

Screenshot (184)

The amount of meshsmooth iterations to apply will vary depending on the model and the amount of polys it has. I used 2 for the bear but check with your lead if unsure.

Screenshot (185)

The approach we’ll be using for the render actually works much better with the Scanline renderer so change that in the next step. Hit f10 to bring up render settings and under “assign renderer” change the production renderer to Default Scanline.

Screenshot (186)

Press “m” to bring up the material editor and drag out a standard material.

Screenshot (187)

Double click it to bring…

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