This time I didn’t forget to set up right dimensions : )

now I done it right
It take me really long time to finish one background… Sola in forest took me 6h and Sola in the ocean same amount of time.. To cheer up myself I would say that this are my beginnings with backgrounds, because sit with one picture 6 hours is bad isn’t? Still I start feel now that my digital painting/photo-manipulation skills are improving. I feel really boosted : ) !

Be prepared for picture spam! ^ ^ Sola in the ocean progress in layers.

1. Foreground is created from 2 layers.underwater_01


3. Ship wreckunderwater_03

4. More of foreground + bubbles! : Dunderwater_04

6. Color corrections + swimming fish and protagonist SolaPNG_Environment2_Sola_by_Angelica_Zurawski_preview_v1

7. Sola walks away with her star : )PNG_Environment2_Sola_by_Angelica_Zurawski_preview_v2

8. File organization, that I think look much better than the one I did for forest scene.
(click on picture to enlarge)
file organization     file organization2

Hope that you like it! : )