I have decided to create Sola model from Dakota concept art (link).. 1st step that I did was to break up character in Photoshop and creating simple character reference sheet.

sola_concept sola_sketch
Next step was to actually start modeling in 3Ds Max.
I face few problems during this progress as I forgot how to create in correct way elbows and knees.. it was always for me looking and sound so obvious that I didn’t think that I will forget but I did.. anyway, my solution was to use Chris model sheet of male human. I create separately human leg then I get rid of some polygons and shrink it so it fit to little character of Sola. I also had problem with creating hands and feet where I keep was keep getting unwanted triangles…to solve it fast I use ready feet and hand from my low poly model that you can find here link. All welding then went smoothly without any triangles in connection. Now I can write that I’m happy with the results.

experimentexperiment2*feet and hand import from other model

*modifying human male leg to create Sola leg

*on right side (red) you can how Sola was looking before and on the left side new version.


Next step will be to create dress that will move exposed to forces or Sola movement. : )


Next step was to create proper dress that will respond on forces as wind and move during Sola walk cycle. To do that I follow this tutorial:

Everything was going smoothly with tutorial till one menu didn’t want show up for me : o I reinstall 3ds max and instal newest version that thankfully solve problem. Previously I had this toolbar that I needed but it was useless as it appear only as a frame without any options in it.. I spend with this tutorial hours and create 3 different dresses with maybe 5 attempts.. learning on mistakes.. from all results I was truly unhappy
dress01 Capture   dress02 create seam dress03 dress04
I truly didn’t like this PLASTIC BAG dress -.-

I decide to find new tutorial and start from beginning

Now  I’m happy with look of dress but still I face problems that I can’t solve such as:
-During walk cycle skirt do not move and Sola legs ignore existence of skirt.. they simply overlap material : o
-Once I attach dress to the rig .. honestly I don’t know how I did it but then dress was in “walk cycle” where Sola freeze.. that was spooky animation
-Last and most frustrating thing was that during creation of dress and later skirt my 3Ds Max was crashing constantly! I was keep saving my progress in increments.. but unavailable things were happening where after crash….. up to 10 saves were corrupted and I wasn’t able open them! If I would not save so often I could lose all model…

dress05 dress07
dress08 dress09 dress10   sola_dress_01 sola_dress_02
Now it look as I want but it do not act as I wish !
I use for this character also basic human CAT rig.