Hello! Officially term 5 start for me.. all projects, planes and ideas are truly exciting!
However, already I start asking myself if I can make it all? Currently I’m in few teams such as:

  • Fiin, in this group we planing to create game for CIU project that will go on for 2 terms
  • Swanky Fox, one from five teams that is responsible to came up with ideas and create content for ANI230 project. Swanky Fox as a winner start with rest of 4 teams working on massive project for 11BlueMedia that is organizing stage for performance of Cave In The Sky.
  • Handsome dragon games, group keep working on Dyadic game.
  • I also volunteer on one classes : )

Fiin: link
Swanky Fox: link
Handsome dragon games: link
Snips from extra classes: link
11 Blue Media: link
Cave In The Sky: link