Here we are! Handsome Dragon Games team decide to continue working on Dyadic game.

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web2Website: Handsome Dragon Games
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indiedb Indie DB: Dyadic

We aiming for publishing our game on steam!

About game: In Dyadic, two players find themselves trapped in ancient ruins after discovering a rare and priceless artifact. Both of you want to be the one to escape ruins with the artifact, but you don’t necessarily have enough equipment to do it on your own. Will both of you work together to try and solve the perilous puzzles that stand in your path? Or will you forsake each other to try and keep the treasure for yourselves? There’s only one way to find out…

New Animations that have done are:

  • Character 1 vs front wall,
  • Character 1 vs top wall,
  • Character 1 as ghost,
  • Character 2 vs front wall,
  • Character 2 vs top wall,
  • Character 2 as ghost.stack*Picture above show how look stack of pictures in Photoshop before I use sprite generator 0.6Concept art: