Wooo… this is so beautiful! Great design, wonderful art and awesome music with magical narrative voice make me almost cry! I see it not only as a game but as a fairy tale. Beautiful!

Sam McLean

Welcome back everyone and let me start by saying that it is an awesome feeling to have finished the first trimester of 2015 at SAE-QANTM!

One of the final projects I took part in for T115 was Alight, the game about fireflies. We had a good response for this game and knowing that a project is never really complete, I have recorded some gameplay and reworked the audio into a movie demonstration, to show how the music could become adaptive. In the current build, the music works on looping two pieces of music at different times but with an adaptive system the music could loop the sections within a piece of music and trigger new sections of the score as the game progresses.

Check out the demo!

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