I didn’t though that it can happen but it happen… I forgot steps of creations simple chest of human! I could not believe it… I had few attempts in modeling in 3Ds Max… On some stage I though that I was close enough but I didn’t make it all in so easy way as Chris have it show to students last time. I have to admit that I feel a bit ashamed! I know also that this are result from focusing only on 2D game development for longer period of time and not touching 3Ds Max .. Anyway.. to do something in direction of modeling human I decide to follow tutorial from Digital Tutors called:
“Modeling Low Polygon Game Characters in 3ds Max” by Joshua Kinney. (link)


I get so far here and is 9 pm already! Omg… where this time have gone : o


What is new for me in this tutorial it is this frame that show polygon count : ) I like fact that I can set up there budget! You can find it in:
Utilities panel > Utilities rollout > More button > Utilities dialog > Polygon Counter (link)

New way of creating low polygon hands where 3 fingers are together
big_men_04 big_men_05
Second new thing was checking shape of character based on polygons silhouette. Interesting and easy way to spot unnatural shapes.
big_men_06 big_men_07