Summary of term four and what I have created in last 13 weeks.

Two Steps from Hell – I love you forever and
Thomas Bergersen – Remember Me

What you have created in the trimester:
(in order to see all in latest stage please view video that is above)


  1. Creating Silhouettes helps a lot!
  2. Learning modelling and sculpting in Zbrush
  3. From Zbrush to 3Ds Max
  4. Advanced rigging that I wish to be able finish at this time
  5. Poly reduction
  6. Asking for Help
  7. My first cat rig:
  8. My first own creature animation:
  9. Importing to unreal
  10. My first video!


  1. Enjoying creation of simple model
  2. Looking for solutions

Lights Out creature

  1. Working from someone concept
    and watching tutorial that explains steps in Maya that I apply in 3Ds Max
  2. Fast unwarping


  1. Gradient textures.


  1. Usage of brazier tool


  1. Making custom textures


  3. Finding out style:
  4. Looking beyond/colours for game
  5. Character development:
  6. Acceptation of different style/vision
  7. 1st animations
  8. Understanding others ways of designing (what is obvious for me may be not obvious for them)
  9. Always ask and you shall benefit:
  10. File management:
  11. Deeper meaning for created art form: Representation
  12. Animations:
  13. Reflection:
  14. Exhibition:
  15. Artist statement:

 What you have learnt in the trimester:
(This is an overall reflection of your learning experience in Studio)

  1. work in team is more fun than working alone and that hard working team members give a lot of motivation.
  2. Better time management (to be able at least have some breaks from study in order to do not burn out… however there is still a lot place to improvement.
  3. To be brave and talk more with people, share own ideas, express opinion.

What you have learnt about your own practice during the trimester:
(You can discuss new skills you have learnt or foundational skills you have developed. Your discussion can also cover your investigation into production pipelines, use of software, technical processed etc!)

I have learn a lot this trimester… starting from basic and advanced skills of software like ToonBoom, Spritesheet, Zbrush, Unreal, Mudbox, Crazy Bump, Creating custom textures from environment and from imagination, editing cat rig and created custom cat rig as making advanced rig, how brazier tool work, how to retopologize. I learn how to use Github and Slack. I have realized that old fashion techniques as using cork board are the best if it’s going about time management and remembering things. ( Also and how important is feedback. How to record videos of performance in program or during testing game. I find this term really productive.

What you plan to do to improve next trimester:
(Here you can discuss anything! It is a very good opportunity to provide personal reflection that you might not have provided on your blog. If a project didn’t reach completion, reflect on it – what would you change next time?)

Next term I plan to work on one group project and on skills that I want improve in field that I enjoy most.

Short self-reflection that I write during working on models for Lights Out and Week to Weak : about Dyadic team project:

What I want change next time:

  1. Spend more time on one software rather than 10 others
  2. Create for most of things that I will work on Feedback sheet