My favorite track from Dyadic game! Just love it ^ ^

Sam McLean

Hello everyone, the push to make Dyadic a reality is really starting to intensify and the first play-test has been held, with some good, constructive feedback. The feedback survey that was created for the play-test dealt more with the technical issues of the game rather than artistic ones, so the audio wasn’t the main focus. Without too much feedback about how the audio affected the player’s experience, I had to reflect personally and have come to some conclusions, the first track I have made for this game suits the gameplay perfectly but the second track I have made is just too intense for the style. Angelica Zurawski, our lead artist and animator had warned me about the music being too busy for the game play and after she set me up with a personal play-test, I agreed (thanks for setting that up Angelica!). Realising that my new track (Phase One – The Race)…

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