Artist Statement

I’m a concept artist and animator. I am passionate about video games and more specifically the stunning art that is displayed in them.

Dyadic game is my first 2D platform collaborative project. I created the characters and animations for them as well as all the visual asset and environment surrounding them. I had previously been more specifically involved with modelling and texturizing 3D characters, creatures and objects. This project provided an exciting creative change for me, allowing me to create all visuals for the game.

In my work for Dyadic game I wanted to create deeper meaning and not let this project be simply creating characters and their environment. The brief was provided on two characters by my team leader Jack Kuskoff described simply that one character had to be created using sharp shapes, the other using smooth shapes. I had a desire to explore this trimester’s subject of cultural perspective in doing so I decided to expand on the provided brief of the characters. I wanted to create characters that did not follow the typical stereotypes of playable characters more specifically male and female in video games and in doing so also challenge the aesthetic look that has been created in society of both genders. A personal challenge I set for myself was to create humanoid creatures so that they remained genderless in appearance and movement. The goal was for the player to start the game and not associate the characters with any of society’s views on what it is to be male or female. To achieve this I undertook considerable study about colours and discovered that two colours stand out in the spectrum of colours to be gender fluid, yellow and green. Large importance was placed on the neutral behaviour and movement of the characters. How a character moves can indicate their gender for example, larger steps with slower movement could indicate a male, while smaller steps with faster movement could indicate a female character, my goal was to keep the movements identical to both characters so neither indicated a set gender. It was also a design decision for both main characters to be so similar in appearance so that not only can the player not determine which was male or female but that the player could also not determine based on appearance which character would be advantaged in skill or ability.

In the early concept stages for designing the environment I drew from illustrations of ancient Chinese buildings, ruins, artefacts and ornaments. The initial design for the game was created using a select few basic colours and silhouettes. The silhouettes were inspired by a large collection of photos collected by myself depicting Asian culture. These initial designs changed over the course of the project with suggestions from the team leader more colours were introduced and heavier influence of Chinese culture was introduced into the game environment. In the final stages of polishing my work I worked to create and edit the visuals in with the strong inspirational soundtrack created by Sam McLean. The contributions of the team allowed me to create a new world, the world of Dyadic game where the players seek answers and solve puzzles all in the gold embellished ruins of an ancient Chinese temple. The goal, to hold the jade statue the Dragon’s Lullaby that depicts a musician playing on Sheng, dragons sleeping around him.

My hope is that through this six week project I have clearly demonstrated my passion and dedication to artwork in video games and that other players get to adventure into the Chinese ruins and experience Dyadic game.