A Shared Fate
Time: 6 weeks

Two players trapped in ancient ruins.
Both want the treasure, but both need the other to survive.

Team Dyadic
Jack Kuskoff – Lead Design/Management
Corey Underdown – Programming
Callan Syratt – Programming, UI
Jared Ford – Programming
Angelica Zurawski – Lead Artist
Samuel McLean – Lead Musician
Nicole Biddle – Graphic Design
Karl Mizzi -Graphic Design

During last 6 weeks I was responsible for all visuals in the game and animations. Although, I didn’t take part of design levels or creation of particle effects. I was creating elements of environment that were later put in to the levels by team leader. I wish that I could take part of designing levels and because it didn’t happen in this project in next one I plane to make sure that I will be taking part of it. From the beginning when I join Dyadic team I though that I will be only responsible for environment but it end it up that I create 2 main characters and all their animations (as I was only one animator in group). I spend a lot of time on learning new software in order to do animations. Instead of spending so much time on learning progress I could devote to creations of better environment. Although, I do not regret it, and I’m really thankful that now I know basics from animating 2D characters for game. Also it make me proud that I did something in what I don’t feel comfortable at all. I have expand my knowledge in uncomfortable field for me instead of sating with more familiar task where I wouldn’t learn as much. I find my team really hard working what was keeping me highly motivated. I also receive from team members a lot of feedback during my creations what help me to improve my art. I gain more confidence in expressing my opinion as well what I find out I start communicate more with people. It looks like my language barrier went on to second plane : ) Thank you Dyadic team!

Whole project in my opinion was going really well. I had just once time where for 3 days I stuck and my inspiration run away, but it forth day I back to intensive work after I successfully figure out how to create mirrors for game.

In my opinion everyone from the group was highly organized and everyone meet with timeline and deadlines successfully. I believe that everyday communication and positive attitude helped everyone to be highly productive.

I’m really proud of the team Dyadic and I love how game is turning out. It is so far for me best game project that I was taking part of and I’m looking now forward for exhibition and seeing game published online!