I was keep writing all in notebooks etc. and then often I forget in which notebook I write  or on which page…  In order to avoid this situation I decide to apply this board in my study room. Now whatever I write in notebook in school, once I get home I rewrite in on little card to pin it to this board. Look old fashion maybe but it works better for me than journal or any app /reminders.

Anyway in this blog post I wanted also write about handling and organizing files via “Google Drive” and “Slack” and “GitHub” .

Starting from


as this I didn’t used it almost at all. Only thing that I did was downloading recent version of the game to test it. GitHub is great to handle large amount of files, large files in itself as well game build. I seen that mostly programers use this site together with game designer where they place all scripts and assets associated with coding that they create. They also use it widely to inform others about bugs and any issues that appear in game and on which they are working on, if bug was fixed or no. I was receiving a lot notification via student email, however I really didn’t feel entitled to participate in it as I don’t know anything about programing.
Screenshot of what I was using from GitHub:


Time for

Used for storage everything! Good organization and name conventions make it even simpler : ) It was not first time when I used Google Drive for game projects.I find it really efficient if it’s going about large file storage and its exchange. Easy and fast : )  I like to say that everyone there have his own folder with their awesome stuff that they share with group.
I would like to provide for you some of screenshots that show folders organization and naming conventions. 1dyadic

I fully take care of Art_and_Animation section : ) but as well I could check what other group members upload on drive and see or hear what did they create.
2dyadic 3dyadic

When I was providing any of animation sprite sheet I decide to provide as well .gif animation for fast and easy preview.4dyadic 5dyadic

all files animations and assets had to be saved as .png files in order to keep alpha channel. Maximum size that unity can handle is 2048×2048. However it is recommended to use safe 1024 x 1024, larger files may not work on other platforms than PC.6dyadic

Surveys! and some feedback that you can read here: link


Time for awesome


I was at the beginning refusing to use it but I find it as a most awesome program that I used so far. Here everyone as in Google Drive have it’s own “corner” but this time not only for files but as well for chat. Questions, doubts, issues, conformations, information and so on all happen over there. What is also good it is compatible with smartphones.

slack site

You can see on left side channels where everyone can contribute. Chat system can stand large files and even keep them animated if it’s .gif. On the right side I have all the time set it up all file types as it show me what who upload at any chat. : ) I find it really useful when group members were sharing on programing channel animated .gif files that show issue that appear. It gave me opportunity to see how some of game stages look alike as in GitHub the game version wasn’t obviously updated so often. I could also use more specific options but I like to stay with “All File Types”. Slack also have tagging system. People can tag your nickname in their sentence and it show up on the chat or/and phone (if you have slack app installed) that someone have something important to say.

Dyadic group used as well for communication Skype
it was great for discussing, analyzing and brain storming as well making decisions that we didn’t had time talk about it during school hours.

Ok I think I can take one old fashion post note down ^ ^ can I?