Minerals that I create in 3Ds Max

1st I start from singular shapes:

to connect them together and create naturally looking group of quartz stones


I unwrap largest set of minerals:


and I try out how it will look semitransparent with applied gradient texture in 3ds max, here are results:crystal_v1

In really short time I plane to update this post with created texture : ) +normal map! I’m so curious how it will look like when I finish ^ ^ if it will look how I imagine or I get some unexpected results.

Update 19/04/2015
I have experiment a bit more:

You may nor see here big difference. But believe me it is : ) From left side are crystals without opacity, crystals on middle have opacity set up and on the left is combination of two previous crystals where crystals with opacity is applied on this nontransparent. Also crystals on  the back do not contain texture as those on front.
Final versions look like that +u can see that I change way of unwrapping to make it work with Gradient map:
final map editor