Today import Arun model to the Unreal engine : ) Here is how he looks like. (Happy floating in the air creature : D )arun import to game8 arun import to game9
I also manage to run Arun animation in Unreal however I need to figure out how to show it via gif : o or anything else.. but I will find out it tomorrow : ) and I update this post with animation!

Importing creature to the Unreal engine could not be done of course without few errors on the way that I had to fix. It was not difficult however, a bit time consuming when I had to change names of bones : )

Here are screens with errors and long list of bones : D
arun import to game arun import to game2 arun import to game3arun import to game4_2

I’m pretty happy how he look there and I plane in near future create texture and maybe environment for Arun. I’m planing also create more animations and hopefully apply sounds : )