Today I watch awesome video by Andrew Price about understanding color. I highly recommend this video as he explains everything clearly using great examples.

He also provides written presentation over here: link

I decide to do few small resolution screenshots from his video that show how topics are divided.

saturation1Monochromatic analogous Triadic Complementary Split Complementary Tetraticsummary

For Dyadic game I decide to use Double complementary called Tetratic. Screenshots from: link
background3 background4

For characters color I will use dark shades almost black with neon green and neon blue (I find this patent inserting, someone created it and called Vitamin C) you can see that there are ranges of green-blues and orange.. I believe it will fit nicely with planed colors of background. Screenshots from: linkvitamin C

Additional I’m thinking to make characters not totally black but with shade and to create it effectively I will use complementary colors.
char1 char 2

I hope that all will look well together. : ) Time to bring it to life!


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