Maybe I should not be bothered by this visible in render and game seam, but as a perfectionist and someone who could not find a way how to make seamless paint of babushka object in MudBox.. I had to find a way how to make it work.

With the help of Stephen and Chris we make original babushka look smoother and decrease slightly visibility of the seam by editing normals and applying afterwards once again smoothing groups. It gives better results but it didn’t get rid of the seam… Stephen said that probably it will stay like that because of casting shadows.. he also suggests that for animation purposes I may create one babushka that is not divided on 2 elements (paint it to get results of seamless doll).. animate it and when come it’s turn to split, just replace it by babushka with the seam.  That sound to me like a solution. After editing normals and setting smoothing groups for each doll I create babushka as an one object/not separated.. of course it works, babushka didn’t have seams, but also could not be split.. I try to apply a new texture of seamless babushka on to original.. and that was surprising as it stays seamless as well! I have to tell about it Katie, Stephen and Chris! :) I was really surprised as I was expecting casting shadows or some at least gentle line, but it looks perfect, exactly like babushka that cannot be split.

Thanks to this experience now I know how to create seamless objects that can be split into more elements:)
At the end, I decide to keep a visible seam for all babushkas. I even emphasize those seams more, so they look like they were not once open. That was the Stephen advice as he says that originally this doll have visible seam and also can have some visible fractures. Now when I think about it, it is so obvious, but the fact that I was so focused on getting rid of unwanted seam and being unable to remove it… Prevailed above observation from the real world.

From the left: -> 1. Original babushka -> 2.Babushka as one element -> 3.Texture from babushka no. 2 was applied on this babushka -> 4. original babushka with extra painted (emphasized) seam.

babushka_1 babushka_3 babushka_4 babushka_6 babushka_5

Thank you Katie, Stephen and Chris for your time and help! : )