I know is not the best walk cycle… but.. I’m so proud of it! I’m so happy that I made it trough skinning and animation in what I really do not feel confident.. or better write what I done with Arun was my learning progress : )

Now I will probably leave him as he is now and keep going or more important for me now projects.

There is plenty things to fix but at least during this progress I gain better understanding how much bones is to much… how next time to plane topology.. and most of all skinning and animating own work. Hurray!

Arun_walk_cycle_frame Arun_walk_cycle

*this visible polygons in his deltoid/shoulder really annoys me -.- that will be one of the first things that I will want fix.

02/04/13 -thank you Katie for pointing out for me this massive mistake! : )Arun_walk_fixed