• I would like to talk today about my research, thoughts and changed point of view based on listening or reading other people opinions.
  • When I approach subject of sexualisation.. I though sexualisation of women in video games.
  • I really wanted to do presentation about how women become as a sexual object in video games but then….
  • I read, listen and see different points of view presented by other people.
  • And Thanks to extensive research I realize that there both genders are objectified in video game industry.
  • There are not only idealized, sexy, perfect looking women that display their attributes that are often emphasized by animation of shaking, jumping and “screaming” at you boobies -here I’m, look at me!
  • There are also tall, handsome with musculature, super fit and agile athletic male characters that skills and look almost become as guide for men how to look and how to act.
  • You still may argue that women in games are more objectified but let’s have look how men characters are presenting themselves in video games.

  • After watching this video you probably spot that there is not much women.. That’s right!
  • Try to count in how many games you have female character as a protagonist? Action Games do not have many females as protagonists.
  • Mostly women characters are created by players in MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online game) where you can chose gender, race and additionally customize look of characterSlide3
  • However as you see on this picture usually females will dispose more of their body parts than males.. but not every class.(Lancer)Slide4
  • Castanic, male and female both proudly exhibit their body shapes. You still may argue that woman is more sexualized by disposing her attributes but come on .. Imagine Castanic male running in only V-string panties and coat. Do you get my point?Slide5
  • Still in game you can chose other classes like Elin and be called by other players as pedophileSlide6
  • Or most safe overweight Popuri (where you can unleash your inner animal…)
  • Lets move to the action gamesSlide7
  • Beautiful, perfectly shaped, exaggerated body of character from fighting game called Tekken, Jin_Kazama . Oh and there is female character on the side as well if someone didn’t spotted. (Zafina)Slide8
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze –Assassin Cred, Nathan Drake –Uncharted, Lara Croft –Tomb Raider) –Good looking boys and Lara Croft. What is interesting Lara in newest game of Crystal Dynamics gets properly dress up more and have more realistic body shape not so exaggerated, so there is hope for futuristic slim female protagonist to look more realistic. However, is there really need for it when most of the Action Games you can play ONLY by male characters.Slide9
  • Dante Devil May Cry, Dastan -Prince of The Persia –just look at their bodies.. bodies of protagonist, fearless heroes, that have to fight, kill and survive and if plot say so, save some lady in troubles (they are men –they do not have choice) Dante as half human, half demon protects human world from demons. And Prince fight against corruption.Slide10
  • Joel survivor from Last of us, and Agent 47 assassin for hire from HitmanSlide11
  • Kratos from game God of war – extremely violent Spartan warrior that fights with mythological Greek Gods, famous Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Snake as a special operations solider, another person that take a part of saving world.Slide12
  • Sam Fisher-Splinter Cell Similarly like an Agent 47 assassin for hire only difference is that he was hunting terrorist, Commander Shepard –Mass Effects, commander that gather allies to defeat reapers that attacks human world.
  • So who is more over sexualized males or females? Men are under constant pressure as well no only woman. Maybe we females we have for example magazines that show us how we should look like, or games that may indicate same, but how about men? Young boys? Their heroes are walking perfected bodies constructed via social construct and it’s vision of aesthetic.
  • TO THE ALL MEN: Men up, go on war, protect innocent, kill bad asses, work on your look and invest in to bodybuilding. Train parkour, wear thigh clothes, resign from top and show your six-pack . And no pressure at all REMEMBER that based on statistic approximately only 46% players are women who sigh with delight how men are presented in video games.Slide13
  • FIN


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