I want so badly finish all task connected with my creature and I face enormous amount of problems on way… Mostly connected with skinning.. as more far than that I didn’t get..

Pictures below show modeling progress of:

  • ear


  • horns

    Arun_03 Arun_04
    Final important touches:

  • XForm rest
  • Edit Normal
  • Smoothing groups
  • and applying ready CAT rig of horse


Adjusting horse CAT rig to creature and first attempt of skinning that work well till I do not touch second leg… but then I ask for help and receive advices from Kate and Jon. Thank you! In midtime I improve CAT rig.


  • Bones test


New attempt to skinning (after watching tutorial: link)


All work so well! I was so happy and so proud from this achievement :’) especially that it is second term already when I struggle with skinning models… I focus before to much on modeling instead of animating, skinning and I guess everything else… I created already animation of back legs when I discover that one weight is incorrect in the creature hoof… I back to skinning options to find out that I can’t see color weights! Why those colors gone? : ( I tried find solution on Google but nothing help…
After one hour.. or more problem was fixed!! : o ! Solution? I wanted show my husband what is wrong and it start work… why always when I want show him any problems that appear they suddenly get fixet? : o soooo mysterious!! but important is I can continue my work hurray!