I’m so happy and boosted from 2 days as I learn so much! Most of it are basics but they will make my life much easier!

  • 1st I have learn how to fix issues with biped in 3ds max and how to customize animation (information provided by Stephen)
  • 2nd how to solve babushka seems problem  (Stephen and Chris)
  • bunch of advices about 2d game visual assets (Stephen, Chris, Steve, Christy)
  • I have created group for CIU211 assessment and I will collaborate with 2 audio students (Sam and Alex)
  • 18.03.15 I join game design project called Dyadic
  • I learn more basic from unity and I realize how really cool this engine is (ANM220 classes)
  • I find out that I can animate in unity engine and that it is beneficial for game as it take less memory. Minus for it is that I have to learn part of another program.. another solution is spriter. (Steve)
  • I learn how to fix premaded CAT rig for custom animation purposes (ANM220 classes)