Texturing, texturing, and texturing… I learn a lot on my mistakes during painting those 4 babushkas dolls in MudBoox and Photoshop. I had to re-render more than 4 times uvs as once they face wrong direction then during texturing I find overlapping vertices.



I have start from coloring black babushka .. and when I end up on the last one I already didn’t already like look of 1st one. Reason was that I find earthier some cool technique in painting technique or simply my vision of design change.. 4 dolls and 4 different textures.. It was.. it is like never ending circle as I keep finding all the time new mistakes.



Between painting dolls I was trying to do some animation.. test animation work for me well but when it come to real thing for the game I didn’t like anything that I create.. I’m even not sure how fast it should be, how long etc. I will have definitely to find this out.

Picture below show how I was measuring babushkas that should have 2m, 1,5m, 1m and 0,5 m.


Below texturing progress

ba6  ba7

Final product:

babushka_3 babushka_4 babushka_5 babushka_6 UVWs_babushka_1_0m