Above picture of unwrapped creature and 10 m height pile. : )

I have finished 3D model of creature where during its creation I face few problems  in modeling and texturing. From beginning texturing of this creature it wasn’t going well for me. Reason was maybe lack of skills, impatience to create something good looking in super short time and fact that I was using  mirror toll on layered Uvs … silly me!

monster5 monster6

I wanted also to do for this creature rig and animation.. I did rig… but when I start punting weights in to the model I realize that it take way to much of my time and if I will keep continuing struggle around rigging and future animation I won’t be able finish it at time. I decide then contact Jon Flores as I know that he chose animation as specialization and that he have required knowledge to do everything around ringing and animating way much faster and better that I would do (if I will even do). When he say that he will take care of it, honestly stone fall from my heart. I focus now on texturing instead of worrying about rigging and animating.. still one day I have to learn those things.



To create this CAT rig I follow tutorial by Delano Athias. [link]

I’m not totally happy with end look of this creature, however I’m happy that I improve a bit my texturing and skill abilities in mudbox.


To take small break from texturing and seeing what all cool things my group create I decide to do some illustration of spooky trees that will be used somewhere in game background. Yeah! To create them correctly I follow Kurt Jones tutorial. [link]


I also unwrap lamp that Eugenie have created and I plane to texture it.


After that I back to texturing monster and here you can see final results:


Monster is available in 4  shades, as when I seen him in game engine he was pretty dark and not really visible. Game designer at the end chose lightest shade of monster. (white yeti/gorilla : P )

monster 9

Next what I decide to do was to create 3D spooky tree .. I approach tutorial and I spend way to much time on creating grass..  short conclusion: I didn’t get to modeling tree!! I start to feel really discouraged as creating so simple object as grass wasn’t easy for me at all and when I get to the part in tutorial where I have to download something from other website and do “x” things with it.. I give up. Maybe I should not look for tutorials and learn things on my own by tries and fails as often it is more fun(?), but on another hand trough tutorial I always learn a lot new things that I can apply in to my work later on. Now I’m wondering if I will accomplish 3D modeling progress faster on own or with tutorial.

Bellow you can see some screens from my progress of creating grass.

grass1 grass2

I tried create tree without tutorial and I didn’t finish it not due the lack of skills but due unexpected illness : ( as I didn’t manage finish ted that I start, fixing, unwrapping and preparing for texture. That make me truly sad.


During classes I also start unwrapping model Created by Eugene.. there were a lot hidden surprises that you can spot in picture bellow.


I feel like I fail in this project as there were so much things that I wanted to have done for it. Ahh hopefully next time it will go better.


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