This is only self reflection post from the time when I was working on two projects.
Time when I start projects 1st March and set up deadline for me was 10-11 March.
Project show: 12 March.

Often I wish that day could be longer and my body more resistant to fatigue.
I feel like I’m chasing the time with few project that I have join but time always is faster
and laugh front of me from my fails…

I start miss to be able just sit and do something for myself.. without guilt that there
is much more important things to do for school and future “dream” work.
I wish to be able create models, concept art and everything what I find beneficial
or interesting to do and learn but in own tempo.. but actually what is my tempo?
When all the time my consciousness keep telling me “go, go, go u can make it..”
and brain and body are like “leave me alone, let me rest!”