I have joined another game project called Lights Out where I will create 3D model of monster, its rig and animation : )

Concept art of Henry’s Nightmare Monster is created by game designer Eugene Martens.


My 1st step was to redraw basic shapes and outline joints to make modeling progress easier..

Screenshot (848)

My 2st step was to create basic mesh in Zbrush by using Zspheres. I was partly following tutorial where I was listen to it in the background of my workflow ( now I know that I’m capable of multitasking ~yeah!~). Tutorial by Justin Marshall from DigitalTutors.
Screenshot (881)

Work progress with ZSpheres, fast and fun (once you know how to move in ZBrush)


Next step (based on tutorial) was to open model in Maya…  few minutes past when I realize that it was bad idea as I don’t know yet much about Maya. I switch to more familiar for me program, 3Ds Max.

Screenshot (850)_Fotor_Collage00

In 3ds max model lost its hands and feet fingers so I had to remake  them and clean up a bit mesh but before that I delete half of model to start work with symmetry option (to make my life easier : P )

Screenshot (850)_Fotor_Collage0000

Faces Orientation check (this time I didn’t forget ^ ^ )
Screenshot (850)_Fotor_Collage00 - Copy

Making mouth, feet and hands together with tutorial, before I import again model to Zbrush for more sculpting.

Screenshot (850)_Fotor_Collage2

After checking difference between 3 models (high poly to low poly)…

Screenshot (860) copy_Fotor_Collage3

come time to retopologize high poly model.. obviously I forget where are retopologizing tools id 3ds Max, despite fact that Stephen have showed me last week where they are and how  they work.. I wasn’t successful to find it on my own so I use Google search where I find one nice tutorial that enlighten me or maybe my memory : )

Screenshot (860) copy_Fotor_Collage4